Democratic Party donkey t-shirts.

Looking for a Bernie Sander T-Shirt?  Funny Graphic T-Shirts has compiled a best of web selection for you!

Feel The Bern, and Cotton Polyester!

First off, Funny Graphic T-Shirts Makes NO endorsement of any political candidate. That being said, we love love the creativity and designs of
political t-shirts. With the hype of Bernie Sanders dwelling in the press we are excited to see what is coming for the United States 2016 Presidential

Bernie is a self proclaimed Democratic Socialist and is hoping to get the Democratic Party nomination.  People who enjoy his perspectives
on government and social issues have adopted the slogan “Feel the Bern”.   WE took some time going through many of the creative designs
that his supporters have come up with.

Bernie Sanders Progress Video

Excited for the upcoming 2016 election and the fact that Bernie Sanders is in the race? Check out some of the Bernie Sanders T-Shirt designs! We did our best at compiling a gallery list of the best “Feel the Bern” T-Shirts on the web:

*Article Date – 8-26-15

Donkey clipart from OpenClipart-Vectors on pixabay.
CC0 Public Domain
Free for commercial use
No attribution required

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