The best Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts on the web.

Looking for the best Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts? Just so you don’t take it in the rear, Funny Graphic T-Shirts has compiled a list of the best alien abduction t-shirts on the web. All things considered, at stellar prices too!

Alien Abduction Day is March 20th

Sorry for the late post on this but we just discovered that March 20th is Alien Abduction Day 🙁 I personally like to think we’re alone but then I go out on the town and realize that there is more than one person that has their brain probed recently. Sometimes you get behind a real slow poke and you know that they had more than their bran probed 😛

Anyway, think of it, we have a day dedicated to (celebrate?) alien abductions…. I’m still thinking on that.  No doubt, there are a number of places that are all in on this concept. For this reason, we don’t need to get into that. Think of it though, what if this is real?!!

First of all, being swept up in the middle of the night in some rural area, probed and experimented on then dumped someplace half naked (and drunk) with no memory of what happened.  That’s just a terribly intense thought! On the other hand, slightly terrifying; just hints of an extraterrestrial experience. Wow. I’m starting to like the “brain in a jar theory” better.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that Alien Abduction Day follows St. Patrick’s Day weekend?! Just saying. If your into getting all crazy on St. Patty’s, click here for More on St. Patrick’s Day.  Just be warned.. Have a little too much and wander off on your own and, well…. It’s a cold silver probe in the nether regions!

Enough of the seriousness though, let’s prepare to celebrate this Universal Holiday with the proper T-Shirt designs.  We’ve gathered a collection of the best alien abduction t-shirts on the web. Help yourself human:

The Best Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts

Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts on SunFrog

SunFrog has a ton of great T-Shirt designs and, in this case, some of the best Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts. SunFrog has designs from many top notch designers and licensed brands as well. You’re likely to find a T-Shirt to fit you style, especially if you are looking for ET themed Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts.

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The best Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts on SunFrog, 1 of 2.The best Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts on SunFrog, 2 of 2.

Alien Abduction Day T-Shirts on Zazzle

Alien Believe T-Shirt
UFO taking cow T-Shirt
Keep Calm and Phone Home Alien Parody T-Shirt
Alien Abduction T-Shirt
AAI Sample Shirt
Alien Gear UFO Abduction of a cow T-Shirt

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