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History of the Honey Badger Don’t Care Phenomenon

WARNING! – Offensive words in narration.
Honey Badger Battles King Cobra!

The Honey Badger phenomenon is huge on the internet right now and seems to have been started by an internet video on YouTube. The phenomenon has
become so huge over the last 9 months* that you are now seeing Honey Badger references on TV shows and commercials. Some of the most popular
T-Shirt designs on the web are Honey Badger related with more popping up each day!

Meaning of “Honey Badger Don’t Care”

The reference that “Honey Badger Don’t Care” means comes from the documented fact that the Honey Badger, a native of Africa and the Middle East,
is a fearless creature. A honey Badger will battle all sorts of dangerous creatures, including big cats, and venomous snakes like the King
Cobra, with no regard to its own safety. The Honey Badger will also go straight into a live bee hive and steal honey with no worries about
being stung. The honey badgers affinity for the sweetness of honey is where this, mostly carnivorous, mammal gets its name.

Honey Badger in Pop Culture

When someone makes reference that “you are like a honey badger” it basically means that you have no fear and you’re tough skinned. Designers on
the internet have pumped out a bunch of T-Shirt designs with this motif in mind. This is where Funny Graphic T-Shirts comes into play. The
honey badger story is a great example of how to combine animal behavior, pop culture and design into a cool T-Shirt that sells hundreds of
copies! We’ve had fun reviewing this topic and we hope you enjoy the designs and information, if not, “Funny Graphic T-Shirts Don’t Care”!

Honey Badger Best of the Web Design Picks

Here are some of the best “Honey Badger Don’t Care” designs we found on the web (and some of our own):

The Best Honey Badger Shirts on the Web

Best Honey Badger Shirts on SunFrog

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Best Honey Badger Shirts on Zazzle

Honey Badger Total Badass T-Shirt
Honey Badger Classic Logo T-shirt
honey badger don't give a poop T-Shirt

*Article Date – 10-21-11


  1. Claire on March 16, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    is honey badger even a thing anymore

    • Funny Graphic T-Shirts on March 16, 2017 at 12:22 pm

      Hi Claire, Honey Badger will always be a thing. It’s here to stay! We know people that wear honey badger shirts regularly.

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