Crazy bat Halloween shirt.

Funny Graphic T-Shirts Cheap Halloween ideas!

Halloween is one of those Holiday’s that have been growing every year. With the pressure on to find a good Halloween costume that’s cheap but effective in a short time frame we, at Funny Graphic T-Shirts, have created some cheap cost effective designs to help you, on October 31st, have fun without breaking the bank.

The Graphic T-Shirt Idea – A New Halloween Trend

An ever growing trend in costumes is the graphic T-Shirt. Everyone has that one friend who hates dressing up for the costume party or for the night out. Even though they want to go out real bad, the thought of wearing a mask or a costume irritates them to the point of not showing and having a night out without that friend there is not cool. If this sounds familiar to you, why not try some of Funny Graphic T-Shirts custom Halloween shirt designs!

The Zombie

Our first Halloween design is the “Zombie”. Put this cool shirt on and maybe a little makeup and mess up your hair and you’ll be good to go as a post zombie apocalypse living dead creature of the night. The super high resolution design features the word “Zombie” in a distressed grunge red lettering style with a biohazard symbol as an “o”. The Gothic grunge red fade style gives it a distinct post apocalyptic feel with excessive print resolution to guarantee the highest quality print. Available on CafePress or Zazzle in the Long Sleeve Raglan, Trucker Hat, Cheap Value shirt for $16.95 and the Zombie Trick or Treat Candy Impulse Tote Bag. If your call to duty is being a zombie hunter or you just want to know what it’s like to be a Zombie, don’t hesitate to buy this swag as a perfect gift this Halloween or any other Season!

Star Trek Halloween Command Shirt


This professionally designed insignia was created by Funny Graphic T-Shirts designers as Star Trek fanfare on CafePress for use in the STAR TREK MOVIE FAN PORTAL. This design makes an excellent purchase for someone looking for an affordable Halloween costume or a great gift for that Trekkie that’s a fan of the final frontier. This is also probably the easiest Halloween costume idea we could come up with.
Currently 156+ products on CafePress.
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Best Halloween Shirts on the Web

People are always looking for cheap alternative for Halloween costumes. Enter the classic Halloween T-Shirt. We spidered the web in search of the most ghoolish designs.

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