Dream Big & Aim High With David Wiza Jr.

So when Funny Graphic T-Shirts had this new vision to do a section of the website dedicated to interviewing successful businesses and entrepreneurs in the graphic arts, digital printing and screen printing fields, it was only natural that we started with New Vision Signs, Decals & Screenprinting in Fond du Lac, WI. Also suiting was the fact that New Vision Signs (aka NV Screenprinting) was the place that one of our best designers gained much of his experience.
New Vision Signs, Decals & Screen Printing Fond du Lac, WI.
New Vision Signs is owned and operated by one of the greatest guys we’ve come to know, David Wiza Jr. Still in his 30’s at the time of the interview, David has single handedly built a successful screen printing and sign business from the ground up. His story inspires many of us and is proof that late nights and a dream is sometimes all you need to achieve success. Because of David’s determination, hard work and his home town customer first attitude, many satisfied customers and word of mouth have brought him to the forefront of a very competitive market in such a short number of years.

The Interview

The interview started out quite casual. David had another busy day and just got done screen printing a last minute rush order for some of his regular customers. David has a even tempered, upbeat and relaxed approach as he doesn’t show signs of the underlying stress of a screen printing business. David came out of the back room dressed in his production clothes (good camouflage for someone attending a sporting event) and has a likable charm that all of his customers have come to expect. This is how the story unfolds:

FGT-S: Hello David, let us start out by saying “Thank you” for taking the time to sit with us this busy afternoon and… Good seeing you again 🙂

David: No problem, good seeing you too!

FGT-S: So, how did you get started in business?

David: I was a victim of downsizing. I went to school for commercial art and I had a job in the area of my degree. After I was let go it gave me an opportunity to go out on my own.

FGT-S: Why the T-Shirt business and what was your goal in doing so?

David: That’s a tough one. Originally it was an interest but also something extra for friends and family of mine. Also, it wasn’t a dying industry so I figured, you know what, why not? The goal was to provide high quality products at affordable prices.

FGT-S: What obstacles stood in your way?

David: There were two major ones; a very competitive market and the cash flow for the necessary equipment to stay on top of the game.

FGT-S: What makes your business unique?

David: The ability to do small quantity jobs at affordable prices. We give everybody who walks through the door the same personal service they deserve whether they are a long time client or a total stranger. We try to make them feel at home and approach the ordering process on the same level, like they were one of us no matter what their level of understanding is of the screen printing process.

FGT-S: So is this where the name New Vision came from?

David: (Laughs). No my wife came up with it. We we’re trying to do a new twist to the pre-established norm of the industry.

FGT-S: How do you react to pressure and stress?

David: I actually seem to strive under pressure. I react and just “do” and don’t think about it. I’m surprised I don’t have an ulcer after all these years. (Laughs).

FGT-S: Right. I hear you there 🙂 What’s the next big thing for New vision?

David: Selling to a Worldwide market.

FGT-S: What lessons have you learned though the years?

David: You don’t always have to be the cheapest to get the job and be careful not to take on more than what you can handle. It’s OK to say “No” sometimes.

FGT-S: What is the career accomplishment you are most proud of?

David: Creating something from nothing. Starting in a 12’x12′ office with only a couple of phone numbers and a idea. It was funny, my first job was printing these teeny tiny (uses hand gesture and squints) logo stickers (smiles).

FGT-S: What other hobbies and extracurricular activities you enjoy?

David: Coaching sports for the kids. Any outdoor activity like hunting, fishing, skiing, camping, etc.

FGT-S: What is your favorite design of all time?

David: (With some extended thinking time). Milwaukee Brewers ball and glove logo.

FGT-S: Yeah, I hear you there; great logo! Bummer on the playoffs this year though :/ What inspires you creatively and keeps you motivated?

David: Going to sporting events and surfing the internet.

FGT-S: Yes, I totally agree with you there too. Google is a great tool for finding inspiration! What kind of stuff burns you out or shuts you down?

David: Projects that take twice as much time as anticipated after the initial quote.

FGT-S: What is your favorite movie?

David: Star Wars.

FGT-S: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

David: Maybe a firefighter… Quite honestly, as a dream job… A College football coach!

FGT-S: What profession would you steer clear of?

David: Anything in Sales.

FGT-S: Any final comments for the fans of FGT-S?!

David: When you have a dream, dream big and aim high; for the sky is the limit!


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New Vision Signs, Decals and Screenprinting

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