We Are The 2% Milk: Occupy Spoof

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Occupy 99% of your Stomach with a Nice Glass of 2% Milk Funny Spoof Design

“We are the 2%” is being shouted from all ends of the country! Ever since protesters started occupying things like Wall Street, New York City, San Francisco, Madison, Chicago, bathrooms, trees, their pants etc., etc., we figured that everyone might want to settle down for a second for a nice glass of 2% milk!

About the “We Are The 2% Milk” funny spoof design

The WE are the 2% Milk  politically edgy design is neither pro Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, liberal or conservative… This design is 99.975% 2%!!! The design features grungy text that says, “We Are The 2%” in medium gray with a dark gray outline, a 3/4 full plastic gallon of 2% milk with a sticker on it that says, “Ameri-Cow” milk and “99% Re-Constitutionalized Bull $chizz.” The milk is being held by the union fist (in red). The design was setup by Funny Graphic T-Shirts as vector art in Adobe Illustrator. All elements we hand drawn using images viewed in a browser for visual reference. The design was then brought onto Adobe Photoshop for some final touches and testing on different colored backgrounds to insure that the design would look good on any color background. Final image size was 14″x13.5″ 300dpi RGB

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Value Shirt
Black T-Shirt
Sticker Decal
Coffee Mug
Computer Mouse Pad
Macbook Pro Laptop Sleeve
iPad Laptop Sleeve
Protest Pin Button

We Are The 2% Milk! Funny Occupy Wall Street Spoof T-Shirt
We Are The 2% Milk! Funny Occupy Wall Street Spoof Button
We Are The 2% Milk! Funny Occupy Wall Street Spoof Mug
We Are The 2% Milk! Funny Occupy Wall Street Spoof Square Sticker


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