Honey Badger Doesn’t Need a Wingman

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He’s a Wild Kingdom Top-Gun

This funny digital vector art is a design variation of the Honey Badger Don’t Care Theme. The design features a honey badger with 80’s aviator glasses attacking a bee hive with a king cobra lurking in the background. Honey Badger has already earned his wings and doesn’t need a wingman to back him up… He just takes what he wants.

About the “Honey Badger Doesn’t Need a Wingman” Funny Graphic Design

Sometimes inspiration hits at a weird time. Spinning of of the immediate success of the Honey Badger Doesn’t Care WARNING label design, a lead FGT-S designer woke of in the middle of the night with the image of this new 80’s aviator style graphic. Elements were again drawn by hand in Illustrator using the pen tool while staring at various visual references. “Bee hive” colors were settled on for the overall look and feel of the design (yellow browns). The honey badger had 80’s style aviator glasses added by drawing in illustrator, using gradients for depth and strokes for the fine metal edges. Gradients play a big role in the depth of the design but final 3D touches were added in Photoshop in the form of drop shadows and some embossing. Many layers were utilized as other shapes and shadows were hand drawn with the brush tool and fine tuned with the eraser at various opacities. The multi-level drop shadows give it a little more realistic look.

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Honey Badger Doesn’t Need a Wingman – He’s Top Gun Value T-Shirt
Honey Badger Doesn’t Need a Wingman – He’s Top Gun Brown T-Shirt

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