To Err is Human to Arr is Pirate! T-Shirt

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Ahoy matey, there she blows, the funny To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate! design by Funny Graphic T-Shirts. The design uses a historically vintage looking retro version of the pirate Jolly Roger flag with a slight 3D feel. This professional design was created by one of Funny Graphic T-Shirts best veteran T-Shirt designers and looks good on any shirt, sweatshirt, baby doll, women’s, mens, youth, petite or any last minute gift idea! Perfect for a birthday, holiday or gag joke gift for that captain in your family or circle of friends. The design sets the feel of sailing the seas as you search for treasure or booty with your parrot (or sparrow) on your shoulder, your hook on your hand, and your sword and your mates at your side. A little pirate history for you matey: The Jolly Roger depicts various flags flown to identify a ship’s crew as pirates. The Jolly Roger today is most commonly associated as the skull and crossbones but other versions do exist. Commonly white on a black field, red has also been employed to strike fear into unsuspecting victims on the seas. The skull and crossbones was used by several pirates such as Captain Edward England, Captain John Taylor, Captain Sam Bellamy and Captain John Martel. The skull and crossbones, nowadays, symbolizes poison and hazard as well as ferocity and tough guy mentality.

About the To Err is Human to Arr is Pirate! Design

The To Err is Human to Arr is Pirate! design was created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator. This design is super crisp in quality. Furthermore, Funny Graphic T-Shirts does not use poor quality images and is 100% unique in it’s designs.  Vector art is just as crisp and sharp at the size of the Moon as it is at 2 inches wide!

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