USAF Roundel: US Airforce Vintage Grunge Design

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The USAF Roundel Vintage Grunge design was created by Funny Graphic T-Shirts.

About the USAF Roundel Vintage Grunge Design

This is a vintage grunge retro version of the USAF (United States Air Force) roundel used on military planes, jets and aircraft of the United States Air Force, United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. Looks cool and makes a great gift for someone that served in the armed forces. This insignia is often associated with World War II (WW2) but is still in use today. The distressed pattern gives it a modern grunge look that is fashionable with a drop shadow on the military symbol to give it a dimensional 3D feel. The red white and blue stripes and star have an oxidized overlay to give it a veteran aircraft texture. This design is an all American made in the USA design.

The USAF Roundel Vintage Grunge design was created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator. This design is super crisp in quality. Furthermore, Funny Graphic T-Shirts does not use poor quality images and is 100% unique in it’s designs.  Vector art is just as crisp and sharp at the size of the Moon as it is at 2 inches wide!

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