Just Gogh With It: Vincent van Gogh Funny Tribute design

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A Digital Post-Impressionist Tribute to Vincent van Gogh

This Vincent van Gogh funny digital vector art dedicated to post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh. The Just Gogh With It design was created by Funny Graphic T-Shirts to look good on any T-Shirt or novelty gift. Impress your art friends and art teacher or give it as a gift to that art major friend or family member as a perfect Birthday or Holiday present!

The tribute design is a pastel color paint splatter version of Vincent van Gogh’s famous self-portrait. The tribute design is a 99.5% pure vector image that was setup and designed in Adobe Illustrator and finished in Adobe Photoshop by one of Funny Graphic T-Shirts premier artists.

About the Vincent van Gogh Funny Tribute Design

Funny Graphic T-Shirts has always loved the work done by 20th-century post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. Nobody can ever really explain where a creative idea comes from, but one night while researching designs on the internet, one of FGT-S premier designers came across an image of Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait from 1889. While sitting down with the chief editor, he said “Just Gogh with it,”! The chief editor said “That sounds like something I would have said during art class,” the rest is history. The design was roughed in in early September 2011 and detail and color work was done in Illustrator on 10/28/11 and 10/29/11. The design was finalized on 10/29/11 before attending the FGT-S Halloween party that night and was upload for sale at CafePress then Zazzle.

The design uses bold colors similar to van Gogh’s original portrait but also introduces some lavender, pink and violet tones to give it a modern distinct look. The design, setup in Adobe Illustrator, is 99.5% vector art with finishing touches for the rasterized PNG done in Adobe Photoshop. The design was saved as a 10″x10″ non-interlaced RGB PNG at 600dpi. The creative lines drawn in illustrator were made out of simple vector lines and circles that had different brush styles applied. The design was done in 4 layers, one of which was a background color layer to see the design on different color backgrounds. Transparency was used extensively to blend the shapes and colors together to give a smooth but defined look to the various shapes that insinuate the face. Paint splatter was a key component to make the design work on darker backgrounds. Originally white, the color was altered to a light mint green to give more authenticity to the design and for it to work similarly on both light and dark backgrounds. A feehand paint style font in light brown stroked in dark brown and underlayed in violet was used for the text and a “paint brush was added as an exclaimation point for the finishing touches on the design. Long live the work of Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853-1890).

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