Zombie Whisperer M16 Design

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The Zombie Whisperer M16 Design by Funny Graphic T-Shirts.

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, you’ll be armed and ready!

About the Zombie Whisperer M16 Design

Use your brain, don’t let them eat it! Whether your using a M16 or an M4 carbine to kill zombies during the apocalypse, it doesn’t hurt to have a grenade launcher attachment. This original graphic design by Funny Graphic T-Shirts would make a great t-shirt or gag gift. Friends or family members that like Armageddon style science fiction or shoot em up walking dead style first person video games. The design uses tribal tattoo style imagery with an M16 machine gun and grenade launcher attachment. There is a tribal glowing bio-hazard symbol in the background that also is in the “Zombie” lettering that says “The Zombie Whisperer”. If your call of duty is being a zombie hunter, don’t hesitate to buy this perfect gift!

The Zombie Whisperer M16 design was created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator. This design is super crisp in quality. Furthermore, Funny Graphic T-Shirts does not use poor quality images and is 100% unique in it’s designs.  Vector art is just as crisp and sharp at the size of the Moon as it is at 2 inches wide!

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