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What is Velociraptor Awareness Day?

Velociraptor Awareness Day is an annual day dedicated to awareness of the dreaded velociraptor. You know, that prehistoric beast with the long tail and the large curved claw. The cunning reptilian killer that hunts it’s prey by outsmarting it… That’s the one. As a result of these scary characteristics, this Jurassic World star became worthy of a Holiday.

Sounds like a joke right? No, this is a very serious topic with Jurassic implications.  There are a number of web pages dedicated to awareness on velociraptor attacks. Here is a short list:

What is a Velociraptor?

If you are going to be aware of the velociraptor, the obvious first step is to know what a velociraptor is.  Let’s make no assumptions about this viscous and, thankfully, extinct beast.

Scientists are saying that the velociraptor is nothing like the movie depiction in Jurassic Park. Furthermore, they say the velociraptor is more like an ancestor of the modern day turkey. Not nearly as big and looking more like a bird than a sleek reptile killer.

Scientists, stop ruining our imagination!!

Scratch everything we just said and just watch Jurassic Park. That movie has almost everything we need to know about velociraptors. Most noteworthy, the kitchen scene with the raptors hunting the children.

At this time we will appeal to you with strong visual imagery. The following clip should make you understand the importance of Velociraptor Awareness Day. In addition to being entertaining, it will hopefully prepare you for the day that scientists unleash this killer turkey on humanity!

Velociraptor Awareness Day is April 18th

So there you have it, mark it on your calendar, velociraptor Awareness Day is April 18th. Furthermore, it’s time to prep your wardrobe with the right t-shirt.

The Best Velociraptor Awareness Day T-Shirts

Wearing the right t-shirt is always a good way to prepare for an event. While you consider each design in regards to color, emotional impact and style, use your gut. The right shirt should jump out at you. Finally, consider the right shirt to wear during an actual raptor attack. Don’t turn into lunch because your wearing the wrong dino-camo!

Here is our collection of the best Velociraptor Awareness Day T-Shirts on the web:

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The Best Velociraptor Awareness Day T-Shirts on Zazzle

Dinosaur on a Bike In Sky With Moon T-Shirt
Velociraptor Awareness Day T-Shirt
Velociraptor Awareness Day T-Shirt
Velociraptor Awareness Day T-Shirt
Velociraptor awareness T-Shirt

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